Maese Pérez el Organista (1976)

Maese Pérez el Organista  (1976)
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Autor: Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer

Director: Carlos Serrano

Acting: Fernando Martí­nez Delgado, Marí­a Luis Ponte, Montserrat Corrula. Encarna Sánchez, Rafael Anglada

Narration of a fictitious event about an organist player considered by his fellow citizens as the best in the world.  Peroduced in Spain

Audio: Spanish

Genre: Drama

Color  -  46 minutes

Antonio Machado  


Director: Carlos Serrano

Acting: Fernando Martí­nez Delgado

 Presentation about the poet, the facts of his life, his personality and his poetry, his achievements and his exile and death in France. Dramatization of Machado’s farewell to Guiomar where he talks about his childhood, his life in the province as teacher  in Soria where he married Leonor Izquierdo who died soon after.

Audio: Spanish

Color  -   34 minutes

DVD  -  ítem No. 19-0349

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