La Verdad Sobre el Caso de Savolta (1980)

La Verdad Sobre el Caso de Savolta   (1980)
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Production: Andrés Vicente Gómez

Director: Antonio Drove

Acting: José Luis López Vázquez, Charles Denner, Ovidi Montllor, Omero Antonnutti

Based on its story line and thought on the novel by Eduardo Mendoza, the film is made in the style of black movies and it is a political denunciation in a world of treason and crime.  It is set in Barcelona in 1917 in a firearm factory and delves into the problem of the owners’ use of violence to deal with problems of employees, some of them anarchists, and the discovery of a fraud through a clandestine market operation.  Produced in Spain, France and Italy

Audio:  Spanish

Genre:  Drama

Color   - 125 minutes

DVD - Item No. 19-0344

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