La Dama del Alba (1989)

La Dama del Alba  (1989)
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Producción  de Radio y Televisión Española

Autor:  Alejandro Casona

Director: Gustavo Pérez Puig

Acting:-Antonio Ferrandis, Encarna Paso, Ana Marzoa, Miguel Ayones, Yolanda Aristegui, César Lucendo, Susana Bueno, Marta Molero, Miguel Angel Báez, Margarita Calahorra

 A mysterious pilgrim on her way to Santiago, appears in a village in Asturias.  This woman is lodged with a family, whose grandfather believes to recognize her and he is afraid of possible danger for his grandchildren.  The old man seems to remember that the presence of this woman coincided with some mournful events that occurred in the villageProduced in Spain .

Audio: Español

Genre: Drama / Mystery

Color  -   90 minutes  

 DVD  -  Item No. 19-0328

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