Subida al Cielo (1951)

Subida al Cielo   (1951)
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Director Luis Buñuel

Acting: Lilia Prado, Carmelita González, Esteban Marquez, Luis Aceves Castañeda, Manuel Dondé, Beatriz Ramos.

Set in a colorful coastal town in Mexico, a young man interrupts her wedding night to answer the call of his dying mother to help her with legal matters.  The bus trip was full of colorful people and events and a seducing woman. Such hardships sharpened his cleverness to defend himself from his malicious brothers. Produced in Mexico.

Audio: Spanish. Option: Subtitled in English and in Spanish

Genre: Melodrama

Black and  White    -  75 minutes  

DVD  -  Item No. 22-5205


6 Nominations

Special Recognition at the 1952 Cannes Film Festival 

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