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El Disputado Voto del Señor Cayo  (1986)
El Disputado Voto del Señor Cayo (1986)


El Disputado Voto del Señor Cayo (1986)

Director: Antonio Giménez-Rico

Acting: Francisco Rabal, Juan Luis Gallardo,Yanqui Miramón, Lydia Bosch,  Eusebio Lázaro

Adapted to film from the novel by Miguel Delibes

A group formed by a political candidate and two friends arrive to Cureña, a small town in northern Castilla, to do some socialist political campaigning. In this place two neighbors live and they do not speak to each other. One of them is Cavo, a man who speaks quietly,  and is  full of ancestral wisdom.  Their encounter reveals two worlds that ignore each other. The old man has everything nature can offer, he possessed peace and liberty. Those who went “ to redeem the redentor” have learned a great lesson. They return to the city with a feeling of defeat. Produced in Spain 

Audio: Spanish

Genre: Literature / Drama

Color   -  103  minutes

DVD  -   Item No. 19-0338  

2 Nominations 


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